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Welcome to the WTO Dispute Settlement Database Homepage

This page is a gateway to material on dispute settlement procedures initiated since 1995 under the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU). It provides access to the WTO Dispute Settlement Database, as well as some basic statistical information on recourse to WTO dispute settlement to date and a link to most recently issued dispute-settlement documents. You will also find at the end of this page a link to the most important official documents relating to dispute settlement procedures.

The primary purpose of the WTO Dispute Settlement Database is to provide information relating to the proceedings in each case, rather than information concerning the substance of dispute settlement rulings. You will be able, through targeted searches, to access information relating to proceedings in a specific case, or to identify cases meeting certain search criteria.

General information concerning dispute settlement procedures can be obtained through the general WTO website ( How the WTO Settles Disputes (An Introduction To The DS Mechanism) ). If you wish to conduct searches on the contents of dispute settlement reports, we suggest that you use the search tools in Documents Online.

Most Recent Documents

Click here to view a list of all WTO dispute settlement documents circulated over the last 20 days

Overall State-Of-Play of Disputes

Click here to view an up-to-date detailed state-of-play of all disputes.

Searching the WTO Dispute Settlement Database

You may access information relating to cases in which dispute settlement proceedings have been initiated in various forms, focusing either on a specific dispute or on certain search criteria.

Information concerning a specific dispute can be accessed in different ways:

If you do not know the exact tile or "WT/DS" number of the dispute you are looking for, you can find it through the "DISPUTE TITLE SEARCH" or the "KEYWORD INDEX SEARCH". You will then be able to access a specific home-page concerning the dispute at issue, from which you will be able to visualize information concerning that dispute (such as a summary of the procedural steps that have occurred, or a list of documents issued in that dispute) and to access the official documents circulated in relation to that dispute. If you have only incomplete information about the case and cannot find it through the Dispute Title or Keyword Index searches, you may be able to identify it through the general "ADVANCED SEARCH" (for example, if you only know who the respondent was and the year in which a panel was established in the case, you would be able to search for disputes meeting these criteria).

If you already know the name or "WT/DS" number of the dispute and simply want to find a document issued in relation to that dispute, you can use the Specific Search entitled "DISPLAY ALL DOCUMENTS IN A DISPUTE".

Searches concerning dispute settlement activity can be carried out either through the general "ADVANCED SEARCH" function, or through the specific searches.

These searches will allow you to identify relevant disputes on the basis of various criteria. From there, you will be able to access the specific home-pages of the relevant disputes to search for additional details on the procedures in these disputes.

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Legal texts and official documents relating to WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures

Click here to see the text of the DSU and other general documents relating to dispute settlement procedures

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